Six pack abs Belt – The Tips guide: What in the event you focus on when picking?

smart abs muscle trainerTo find the ideal abdominal belt for you, you should think about some basic features. Here you will discover information about which decision conditions happen to be under scrutiny inside our abdominal belt ensure that you why they will be being tested.


Much of the abdominal muscles belt is run by batteries. They are enough for a couple weeks of schooling (with daily use). The utilization of rechargeable batteries is certainly discouraged by some producers (including Beurer) due to low voltage. We tested this and experienced no issues with the procedure of an belly belt with high-quality batteries with at least 1.5 volts. The price of the batteries are negligible, nevertheless, you should work with in the context of sustainability as conceivable batteries.


An excellent device includes a well-recognizable display that is simple to read even while in the abdomen and provides all relevant data. Many displays are extremely little and unlit and for that reason difficult to read. In our test of the abs girdle, we also focus on the readability of the shows for different focus on groups, including the elderly with partially weaker eyes.


Working out with the abdominal belt should adapt itself to distinct fitness applications. An entry-level software is practical, which then consistently increases the load and schooling duration over a period of several weeks. Decisive for an effective training may be the principle of continuous overloading. Only a continuing increase ensures a continuous development of the muscles. We highly advise against equipment that do not take this into account.

Training regularity and intensity

Working out frequency is the rate at which the current pulses are shipped through the skin. That is measured in Hertz (Hz). Beginners coach with 30-45Hz, advanced with up to 100Hz. As well as the frequency, many abs girdles can also be adapted to personal requirements by the strength, ie the strength of the existing impulses. Here is a manual adjustment is practical, since each individual has a numerous threshold and reacts in a different way to the lean muscle stimulation. In our abdominal belt test we always are the experiences of different users in the evaluation.

Number of electrodes

The quantity and posture of the electrodes on the skin decide where precisely the muscles will be stimulated. We suggest abdominal girdles with at least four electrodes. In this variant, two electrodes each lie on leading around the navel (straight belly muscle mass, left and correct side) and also the lateral abs muscles. More info on the individual belly muscles can be found here . In general, the extra electrodes, the better.

Skin contact

Many manufacturers advise that the electrodes and the abs place be moistened in order that the current pulses from the electrodes can be conducted better over the skin. This drinking water or – rarely – a special gel is used. In our abdominal belt test out we regulate how the conductivity can be given and the current pulses appear on the skin. Since this is an extremely subjective sense, we generally test with differing people.


A good customer manual gives not merely the instructions for use but also valuable hints for teaching. Especially beginners are often overwhelmed with the right usage of the abdominal muscle belt and uncertain. This ensures that the gadgets are no longer used after a short time. Many makers annoyingly save accurately at this stage and provide only informative instructions, in some cases only as a PDF data file.


Is the abs belt pleasant to wear? Could it be used under attire, eg when jogging with the dog? A good belt should be unobtrusive and must not slip. Inside our smart abs muscle trainer test there are different scenarios when using the devices: standing, near the table / table, walking, while accomplishing situps Virtually all manufacturers use a Velcro fastener for attachment. This should nonetheless stay firmly after recurrent use.

quality of workmanship

In our stomach belt test out, we pay special attention to the product quality in continuous use. An abdominal belt is used several times weekly, often actually daily. Increase this the moistening of the electrodes, which are properly behind a cover. A belt should never be used without the addresses. All this makes some requirements on the processing of the gadgets.


During schooling, you sweat, so a good cleaning alternative is important. The devices could be quickly cleaned with a damp fabric. You should do this after every workout.

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