After compulsory login: Google rows back, but only with Chrome 70

Image result for Chrome browserThat did not take long. There was a great deal of outcry when it became known that Chrome users would automatically log in to the browser when they log in to a Google service such as Gmail or YouTube. In the next Chrome, version 70, Google wants to improve. In the video, you can see how you can switch off the feature already.

Google has overdone it with the convenience for users in its Chrome browser. There has long been a handy sync feature that can sync data like passwords, autofill entries or history across different Chrome installations. If you want to use that, you had to explicitly log in to Chrome 69 with a Google account in the settings.

Chrome 69 will automatically silently log in when Chrome users sign in to a Google service, such as YouTube or Gmail. Restrictive you have to mention that the sync is not automatically turned on, but many users find the forced login is not really funny. But Google wants to counter.

In a blog posting, Google states that Chrome 70, which is expected in mid-October, will see some changes based on user feedback. One wants to stick to the link of login with Google services and Chrome login but builds a switch in the settings.

The stunt over the chrome flags shown above in the video is then no longer necessary. Important: It looks like Chrome 70 will have forced the forced login, so users will have to explicitly disable it.

In addition, Google wants in Chrome 70 to polish the display, so it is always clear whether you are logged in or not and how to sync.

Especially for the state, if you’re logged in to Chrome but nothing is synced, Chrome 70 will now also show the status next to the account name. If Sync is active, it will be shown at a glance which components are being synchronized.

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